A tough day at Lake Stevens

The day started well but gradually went down hill..... it was the Lake Stevens 70.3 in Washington, USA. I got a great start in the swim with clear water and when Michelle Jones (former World Ironman Champion and Olympic Silver Medallist) came past I was able to stay beside her to the turn. On the way back I tucked in behind her and came out of the water in 4th. Onto the bike my game plan was to ride HARD. It was a challenging undulating course. I tried hard but my legs felt awful, I pushed on and got off the bike with a reasonable split - all things considered - in 7th. Then onto the run I had 2 girls near me early on and I was ok for a few kms but then but my legs didn't want to go anymore! My perceived effort increased and my pace decreased, I felt terrible. I kept pushing although moving slowly and made my way through the remainder of the run and to the finish line, crossing in 13th. I'm a little disappointed with the result but pleased I stuck it out!

It's now into Seattle for the day tomorrow and then fly out on Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to arriving home on Thursday!