Wayne Goldsmith

This weekend the Ulverstone Swim Team conducted a "Swim Camp". Queensland's Wayne Goldsmith lead the camp. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend all the sessions due to other commitments but I did go to the 2 morning swims. It was a very valuable experience. Whilst the sets were not super hard there was enough swimming for a good workout as well as many noteworthy tips. It reminded me about the necessity of "relaxed" training, when I'm relaxed everything seems to flow rather than having to push and push, usually without success. There was also the reminder about mental alertness, training hard so competitions are easy, staying focussed when things get tough and challenging one's self for the love of rising to the occasion. I strive on all of these things and 3 weeks back into training it was a perfect reminder of why I am doing this (for the love of it)  and what I need to do to achieve my goals.


Another busy week

Another busy week saw an increase in training. I managed a 3 hour ride and a 60 minute run along with a few smaller sessions too. We were pretty consistent in the pool, swimming between 3.5 km and 4 km each session. It is amazing after a few Ironman races that 4 km now feels like an easy session! The sun has started to shine and the warmer weather has to mean summer is on the way!! On Sunday I spent some time at the Brooks - run happy- stand at the Burnie 10 and it was great to see so many people out and about getting active and enjoying life - well done to all those who completed the 10 km. Unfortunately I picked up a cold over the weekend so I'm getting back on top of things before increasing the training to another level.


All in a week

The dreaded 1st week back is complete! Back to 5am wake ups for swimming and training again after work. This week was also my husband's 30th Birthday and Dad's 61st so it was pretty busy! The training highlight for the week was swimming 13.43 for 1km in my 3rd swim. I guess i haven't lost too much.... I also started my new role as Triathlon Tasmania's Administration Officer so it really is a busy time. I'm looking forward to increasing my training volume over the next week or two... and I'm starting to plan some races - stay tuned.


Back in training

I have just finished my first day back in training after a very enjoyable 5 week break. The day started at 5am with a 3.5km swim session. It was then off to work for a full day of teaching. After work I ran 10km and went to the gym. Home by 8pm and I'm now not far out of bed!