The highs and the lows

Triathlon is a challenging sport. Combining swimming, cycling, running plus transitions is one of the reasons I love it so much. Then throw in other factors such as nutrition, strength & conditioning, mental toughness and there's a lot to keep track of. I think this is one of the reasons it is so satisfying to make it to the finish line. Every competitor in every event has been on a journey to get to the start line and to cross the finish line. I've been in 2 triathlons this summer and my journey has been different to that of the many triathlons I have been in before. It's the fist time I haven't been part of my swim squad, the first time I haven't had a training program to follow. I've been training with our guests at tri4thealps, sometimes sneaking in a quick session on my own here and there too. The races have both been fun. The sprint individual time trial at Machilly and then the Olympic distance race at Passy. They were both hard but I enjoyed the challenge. Unfortunately there won't be any more tris for me this summer. I fell on some stairs the other day and have sprained my ankle. I'm doing everything I can for a speedy recovery but racing again will have to wait to next summer now. That's the highs and the lows of sport.

Above: Post Race interview at Passy then coaching from the blocks with my foot in a brace!


Professional Development

At Tri4theAlps this week it has been our DSquad Training Week. Not only have our guests had a fantastic opportunity to watch, listen and learn from some of the best triathletes in the world but I have as well. The DSquad boasts Olympic Silver Medalist Lisa Norden, Commonwealth Gold Medalist Jodie Stimpson and World Triathlon Series Grand Final Silver Medalist Aileen Reid as well as a bunch of other top and upcoming athletes coached by one of the best coaches in the world, Darren Smith. This week we have watched them go about their business, in a serious and professional manner but with an obvious enjoyment and enthusiasm for the sport.  We have experienced first hand swimming sessions with Aileen and Julia, bike sessions with Jess, run sessions with Cam, Lindsey and Melinda, gym with Rick and lunch, coffee and chats with Jodie & Aileen. The athletes have willingly told us what they do and why they do it, and it has been interesting and insightful. There is certainly an emphasis on quality over quantity and mastering good technique and form.  With a few sessions left to complete, most of us a feeling a bit fatigued but looking forward to learning just a little bit more before this wonderful opportunity comes to a close.

Swimming with Aileen & Julia

Run with Cam

Lunch with Jodie and Aileen (at Dotty's!)

Run with Lindsey & Mel

Bike with Jess