Advocate Sports Awards

The annual Advocate Sports Awards were held in Burnie last night. There were 48 nominations over a wide range of sports and it so so fantastic to see the coast producing such a high level and depth of talent. I was a Top Ten Finalist for the 3rd year in a row. Congratulations to winner Amy Cure (Cycling).


Down Time...

The life of a triathlete is often challenging. Juggling training, recovery, work and a hint of a social life is time consuming so it's always nice to have a bit of time when everything's not happening at once! Since a disappointing performance at the Cairns Challenge in June I've been enjoying some time away from training and racing. A holiday in the sun was most enjoyable with a few days in Port Douglas and then travelling the Tablelands in a campervan. That was followed by a few forced days of shopping and drinking coffee with Anthony in Melbourne due to the ash cloud before returning home and pack to work for Term 2. Sleeping in makes the trip over to Burnie seem a bit longer as I can now stay awake for most of it! Weekends are filled with adventures such as skiing at Ben Lomond, Engine training days at the Launy Aquatic Centre,  going to the park with Kate and Jack, baking cookies, cakes and all sorts of yummy treats!
I'm staying fit too by attending CCTMs training sessions and the Training Fix's boxing sessions!! So much fun to be had...............