Spring is a wonderful time in the Alps. There might be a little bit of rain but the sun usually shows a regualr appearance, the snow starts melting and we start to think about the summer ahead.
May for us is usually 'get fit' month ready for the summer season. This year it has been a little easier than the previous two. I made a conscious effort to maintain my fitness over the winter. As my skiing has improved the energy required has diminished so I have had to up the level of alternative sessions to keep me in shape. An off season is great for the body & mind to rest and recuperate but maintaining a decent level of strength and endurance has made the preseason so much easier. I'm appreciating that right now having returned from a 4 hour ride. I feel tired, but not in a way that the length of the session was beyond my capabilities for this time of the year.
It is a positive sign for what lies ahead.