Helping others

My role as a triathlon coach is all about helping others. It is very rewarding when I see others inspired to improve and achieve. Sport does not always have to be about winning, it can be just as, sometimes more, satisfying to know you are out there doing your best.
A recent week at Tri4theAlps with some guests that are relatively new to the sport proved just this. It was a pretty awful week of weather but they were so keen to get out there and willing to learn that it really didn't matter. It was great to see them all improve over the week, in fitness, strength, endurance, skills and ultimately their confidence. I am really looking forward to following their progress and it gives me a buzz to know that I helped contribute to their future endeavours.
I've also been helping some locals. Keeping track of them over a month or so now and watching the progress has been incredible. I am excited to be able to continue to work with them over time and hope I can continue to help them grow not only in their sport but in life as well.
Keep up the great work team!!!!